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Improving proficiency and safety in painting operations

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If your business specializes production line operations like painting and curing, you need to invest in operator training and things like Line Audits. For instance, it is essential to have knowledge on optimizing spray booths, spray guns, particular coating processes, environmental issues among others. That said, here are topics covered in a painting training program.

Topics covered in painting courses

Spray booth issues

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There are a few things to know in regards to this subject matter. Some of these issues include the design of the machinery and specifications. More to this, in this session, you will learn about dry filters and various types of spray booths. Also, you will learn of filters and some of the technicalities associated with different varieties of painting booths. To top on this, you will be taught on spray booth maintenance and monitoring the functionality of spray booths.

Spray gun matters

In regards to spray guns, there are several things to be covered in a training session. Issues covered in this area include selecting spray guns, for specific purposes, setting up spray guns, and maintenance practices. Besides this, learners will get knowledge on regulars, managing pressure differentials, achieving the best-compressed air among other topics.

Coating processes

Coating process entails several aspects. Having a picture of all these issues will help you achieve a good painting. In this training programme, you will have in-depth knowledge of both liquid and powder coating. More to this, you will be taught on the mixing procedures and the possible chemical and physical traits of different types of coatings. Also, you will learn how to prepare substrates. Finally, you will have a better understanding of quality measurements and various repair complications likely to occur during the process.

Environmental issues

paint brush 212Today, environmental issues are of great concern. As a fact, painting operations have a direct impact on the environment. Therefore, there is need to have environmental issues addressed in this program. In this training session, participants will be taught on measures to put in place to minimize adverse environmental effects. For instance, they will be trained on measures to reduce chromium emission to the environment. Also, participants will be taught on measures to put in place to ensure compliance with set environmental laws.

Who should attend this program?

Some of the individuals that should attend this programme include paint leaders, environmental managers, supervisors, facility engineers, and anyone who uses paint equipment. With this training programme, these individuals will appreciate improved performance. More to this, it will be easy for them to adhere to environmental protection measures.