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 Waist Packs/Belt Packs

CCW Plain Nylon Fanny Pack
Gun Holster

Plain Leather Fanny Pack
Gun Holster

Organizer Fanny Pack
Gun Holster

Nylon Waist Pack with Belt

CCW Belt Pack
Camera Case Style Gun Holster

Leather Cell Phone Fanny Pack
Gun Holster


Leather Waist Pack with Belt


Ross SideRider
for Small Guns


I Conceal carry fanny packs are very similar to the typical fanny packs sold everywhere except that the conceal carry fanny packs contain a zipper-closed compartment at the back (next to the body) where a conceal firearm can be carried.  The stealth (carrying a concealed firearm without anyone noticing) of the concealed carry fanny pack comes from two sources:  (1) the innocent looks of the fanny pack, and, (2) the user of the fanny pack actually using the fanny pack for carrying their wallets, checkbook, credit cards, etc.  Stealth is reduced (that is, people may notice) when the fanny pack is only used for carrying the firearm and the user reaches in their pants pockets for wallets, keys, etc.

Conceal carry fanny packs are stealthy when worn where fanny packs are most acceptable:  Shopping, walking, exercise running or hiking, vacationing.  These fanny packs are gender-neutral and look normal whether carried by men or women.  Some women even use them as full time purses, slinging them over the shoulder for short distances or clipping the belt around the waist when shopping or carrying groceries or children.  Fanny packs are considered off-body carry and with all off-body carry methods you must keep the fanny pack under your immediate control.

Belt packs are made to appear as typical camera cases and when worn on the belt no one will be the wiser as to the real use of a conceal carry belt pack.  Belt packs are made for small frame revolvers and pistols.



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